Sunday, January 17, 2010

Young, Pretty & Talented... Tommi Williams

Yesterday I had the longest shoot to date lol. but it was all well worth it. I got to Shoot the awesome young & talented Tommi Williams. If you don't know about her... Google! lol. I also had the pleasure of workin' with the lovely Lilly and Bonnie the most fun and creative Stylist from NY. They flew all the way out here to work with me and I love them forever for that. I would recommend these girls 100%. Anyways, I'm not gonna release any of the Actual photos from the shoot yet, but here's a few teasers of the "behind the scenes" ones. We shot Studio, roof top, parking structures, on the streets and at the Santa Monica Pier! Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brent James Shoot

So almost a year ago...(seems like) Brent and I discussed doing a shoot. We never ended up shooting until finally today! then a couple days ago I got sick and kinda put the shoot on standby.... well I thought I felt better this morning so decided to go thru with the shoot....after shooting awhile I realized I wasn't feeling the best, but still gave it my all and tried to push thru it. Here's a couple shots from today. Will post more on my other sites. Brent is an awesome guy, you can check out his portfolio at

Monday, January 4, 2010

Behind the Scenes Shoot I did

So this paticular day I was asked to be a "behind the scenes" photographer for another Photographer (Chris Gomez) An awesome guy may I add who was shooting Miss Bridgette Blonde and Jorge Vargas was there lending his photo knowledge and strobing skillz as well. :) .... and Yeah, so here's a couple shots I took that day. enjoy.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Street Approved Magazine- "Problem"

Okay so my boy Buzz hit me up to do a photo shoot this particular day for an artist by the name of PROBLEM. Here's just a couple shots after we were done for the day of Problem Relaxing lol. Hey! It was a Wrap and Problem worked hard..... I haven't released any of the pics from the shoot that may potentially be in the mag, you will have to wait till the next issue of Street Approved Magazine to see them lol. You can check out the Mag at and if your not familar with Problem you can check out the Kurupt ft. Problem video "I'm Burnt" at

Fun In LA with the awesome MikeY

Okay, so Mike Y and I have been friends for a while now via internet and I kept tellin' him I would come to LA to hang out and do a shoot and so I finally did! I was so happy to finally meet him, he is the best, most awesome and creative guy.....did I mention he was cute and funny too? well he is. lol. So yeah, I was home doing nothing and he happened to text me and I was like HEY! I'm coming out today! I rounded up a couple models for us to shoot and it was on and crackin' from there. We had 2 models, Brett Billionaire & Elyse S. and so we just basically shared them lol. So here are the results from our photo shoot that day and if you wanna check out his work you can find him at and to see the rest of my work check me out on