Friday, January 1, 2010

Fun In LA with the awesome MikeY

Okay, so Mike Y and I have been friends for a while now via internet and I kept tellin' him I would come to LA to hang out and do a shoot and so I finally did! I was so happy to finally meet him, he is the best, most awesome and creative guy.....did I mention he was cute and funny too? well he is. lol. So yeah, I was home doing nothing and he happened to text me and I was like HEY! I'm coming out today! I rounded up a couple models for us to shoot and it was on and crackin' from there. We had 2 models, Brett Billionaire & Elyse S. and so we just basically shared them lol. So here are the results from our photo shoot that day and if you wanna check out his work you can find him at and to see the rest of my work check me out on